What is a “Product Pull”?


A “product pull” or silent recall as it is sometimes referred to, is when a company removes a product of theirs from sales.

Unfortunately, when this happens , the public is unaware of the pull. This can be a dangerous practice, especially when the product is food of some kind.

Sadly, when pet owners are not informed of the product pull, it can have dire consequences. The recent Iams dog food pull has made consumers more aware of this practice.

Susan Thixton, pet food safety advocate, in her TruthaboutPetFood.com site, has suggested the following.

  • Call or write your pet food’s manufacturer and inquire if they ever have product pulls. Encourage the company to begin an email alert system where customers can register and be informed of any product pulls.
  • Keep all packaging until the food is gone to make sure your pet does not have an adverse reaction.
  • Report any problems to the FDA and your State Department of Agriculture. Give them any information that’s on the packaging.
  • If your pet exhibits any unusual behavior or symptoms after eating, see your veterinarian as soon as possible.

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