Wallabies are native to Australia and are similar to kangaroos, but smaller. They are affectionate and playful. They are not suited to extremely hot temperatures, but can adapt to colder climates.

When very young, wallabies can be kept indoors but at about a year old they should be kept outdoors with lots of space to roam around in. They can open cupboards and jump on counters and other high surfaces, so care must be taken. The yard must be fenced in with a tall fence (5-6 feet tall) so they don’t escape.

Wallabies like to box and need to be trained to refrain from that activity since it can be dangerous. They like water and have been known to jump into the bath right along with whoever is in it.

Feed your wallaby specially prepared food for kangaroos and wallabies or a mix of horse and rabbit feed. They will also eat fruit and vegetables (but not broccoli, lettuce or cabbage) and grass. You’ll never have to mow your lawn again!

Wallabies are expensive to purchase, at about $1000 in the United States. They are not readily available at animal shelters, of course, and will need to be bought from a breeder. Before investing in a wallaby, check your local laws to make sure keeping a wallaby is legal.

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