Thanksgiving Safety Tips

Cat Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday, where we take time to appreciate our loved ones, including our furry (or not so furry) friends. However, there are some holiday related hazards to be aware of when it comes to our pets.

  • The traditional Thanksgiving menu is high in fat – turkey skin and potatoes, for example. A diet high in fat can be harmful to your pet’s health, so it is best to refrain from feeding them table scraps. It is particularly risky to feed dogs scraps containing bones, which can cause choking if they break or splinter. Even if you are not feeding your pet directly, keep an eye out for your pet jumping on the table or grabbing food that falls on the floor. Even better, keep your pet out of the room where the meal is being served.
  • Certain herbs, such as sage, can cause gastric distress and central nervous system depression in animals. Also avoid giving your pet chocolate, onions or raw dough.
  • Keep track of your trash. If you leave unsupervised bags of garbage around, your pet can get into them and eat all the foods you were so careful to keep away from him.
  • Stick to your usual routine, feeding your pet his usual food at the regular time. This makes him less likely to go in search of forbidden foods.
  • Pets can become stressed when there is lots of noise and bustle, or too many people handle them. If your pet is generally nervous in these situations, or shows signs of stress, give him him his own space. A dog can be taken for a walk before the guests arrive so that he is calm. Don’t let children or strangers handle your pet if it stresses him out.
  • Don’t take your pet to parades or big bashes. The loud noises and crowds are likely to cause stress.
  • If lots of people are coming in and out of the house, make sure your dog or cat is wearing a collar. They can easily slip out of a door left open and get lost.
  • Other hazards you may have in your house on Thanksgiving are toothpicks from appetizers, skewers and decorations. Keep all of these far away from your pet.

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

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