Sunbeam Snake

Where is the Sunbeam Snake found?

The Sunbeam Snake can be found in Southern China and Southeast Asia. It grows from 30-49 inches in length. The Sunbeam prefers living underground near forests, damp fields and swampy areas. They are easily stressed snakes and like to be left alone.

How do I house the Sunbeam Snake?

An aquarium of 40 gallons will hold one or two Sunbeams. Since they like to burrow, bedding can be coconut fiber, moss-bark mix or cypress bark. A heating pad should be provided at one end of the tank and kept at 85-90 degrees. Temperature in the tank should be 75-80 degrees.A flat piece of cork bark which is water-resistant and won’t rot quickly can be placed near both near the heating pad and the other end of the tank. These will give the Sunbeam a place to hide or rest. To keep the humidity at 80 percent, you can dampen the bedding. Make sure the top of the tank is secure enough that the snake cannot escape.

What is the diet of the Sunbeam Snake?

Diet is pre-killed mice best offered from a forceps or tongs, once a week.


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