Steppe Lemming

The Steppe Lemming is found in Russia and the Ukraine. They are 87-140 mm. long and weigh 25-35 gms. Color is light grey. Life span is 2-2 1/2 years.

Usually friendly, male Steppe Lemmings can be territorial, so watch for aggression. They are tame enough to be hand-held.

Suitable housing is an aquarium with a secure mesh top. Bedding can be wood shavings (not cedar) and hay. They don’t climb much but exercise can be provided with wheels. Nesting boxes should have 2 exits to avoid fights over territory. Cardboard rolls give them hours of fun.

Steppe Lemmings are sugar intolerant and should not be fed a rodent mix containing fruit. They like grass or leafy greens occasionally. Grass should be free of pesticides, animal waste and parasites. Fresh water should always be available.


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