Start Puppy on a Feeding Routine

Puppies Eating

Most dogs will eat all day long if we let them. I can’t go into the kitchen without two of my dogs following me with the hope they will get something to eat. They inhale their food and are always looking for more although I know it’s not hunger that drives them. Puppies too will gorge on whatever is there if we allow it.

Puppies should be placed on an eating schedule once they are weaned. Very young pups are usually fed 4-5 times a day while older pups can be fed 3-4 times a day, depending on the breed, size and age of the pup. Since their small stomachs can’t hold that much food at one feeding, the total amount for the day should be equal in each meal. Be consistent with feeding times which can help them to adjust to your lifestyle.

Puppies don’t know how to gauge how much to eat at one time, so it’s a mistake to allow them to free feed, that is leave a bowl of food out all the time. If they overeat, they can make themselves ill afterwards.

Even adult dogs do better with their meals broken up into morning and evening times.

Although dogs can’t really tell time, once they are on a feeding schedule, they will let you know when it’s time to eat.

As with all pets, fresh clean water should always be available.

Keeping to routine feeding times helps with house training your puppy too. Take your puppy out after a meal (after play and nap too) and that will work to set up potty times.

After all the excitement of eating and going outdoors, your puppy will probably be tired. With a full belly, s/he will happily take a nap.

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