Special Needs Pets

Lame Dog

It has been proven that people who share their lives with pets are healthier and happier. And all animals should have that loving care that sharing brings. Special needs pets may present a challenge, but especially need that loving care and offer so much love and loyalty in return.

Special needs are pets with physical disabilities such as blindness, deafness, missing limbs; chronic or terminal illnesses; elderly pets, pets recovering from an illness or injury; pets with emotional or behavioral problems.

It is very rewarding to care for a special needs pet and there are many resources available to help with the journey. Your veterinarian can aid you and teach you how to give medications, injections, apply ointments, etc. If you adopt a pet from a shelter, many offer medical resources or behavior classes. Internet sites such as special needs support groups can be very helpful and knowledgeable.

Special needs pets need special caregivers who commit to caring for them whether it’s helping with recovery or hospice care.

If you are in a position to care for a special needs pet, please consider adopting one of these very special pets.

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