Vital Statistics:
Place of Origin: United States (via Singapore)
Coat Type: short, smooth, close to body
Color: brown ticking on ivory background
Temperament: curious, playful, trainable, loving

Where does the Singapura come from?

It seems the Singapura made a round trip from the U.S. to Singapore and back to the U.S. There is a question as to whether the cat is a natural breed. But apparently the original cat was bred from one brought from Singapore. It was first introduced to the U.S. in the 1970s. The name Singapura means lion city in Malay. The Singapura is actually the smallest cat of all the breeds.

What does the Singapura look like?

The Singapura is a relatively small cat weighing between 5-8 lbs.The head is round with a short muzzle. Ears are large and pointed. Eyes are very large and slightly slanted. Eye color is hazel, green or gold. Tail is blunt-tipped. The coat is smooth, lying close to the body. Color is similar to the Abyssinian, ticked brown. Muzzle, chin, chest and belly are ivory. The lifespan of the Singapura is about 12-15 years.

Does the Singapura make a good pet?

The Singapura is a curious, very playful cat. It is highly intelligent and trainable. Although it still retains some of its street-wise heritage, the Singapura is a gentle and good-natured pet. In spite of its size, it is quite hardy. The Singapura is a loving and very devoted family member.

Where can I adopt a Singapura?

There are a number of organizations online that can direct you to Singapura adoptions. Some are:

Possible Health Issues

Pregnant cats may have weak uterine muscles and may need cesarean section.

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