Sicilian Hound

What is the origin of the Sicilian Hound?

The Silician, also known as Cirneco dell’Etna, Hound is a member of the Greyhound family and has been known in Sicily for 100s of years. It is believed this Hound is descended from Egyptian hounds and was brought to Italy by the Phoenicians. It is associated with the volcanic slopes of Mt. Etna where it hunted rabbit. The Sicilian Hound may be the oldest breed in Italy where it is rarely seen outside of that country. It is also known as the Cirneco.

What does the Sicilian Hound look like?

The Sicilian Hound looks like the Pharoah Hound, but smaller. Males are 16-20 inches tall, females 16-18 inches tall. Weight is 26-30 lbs. for males, 18-26 lbs. for females. They have extremely large, erect ears. Eyes are almond-shaped and yellow to hazel brown in color. The coat is short, glossy and rough to the touch. Coat color is any shade of tan, sometimes with white on the chest, white or white with orange. The coat needs very little care, occasional brushing.

What is the temperament of the Sicilian Hound?

The Sicilian Hound is lively and can be friendly and affectionate with its family. They are not easily trained, but socialization and obedience training should begin at an early age. They are reserved with strangers but usually not aggressive. They may not be good with other children or pets. The Sicillian Hound does not mind living outdoors, but provide a secure area.

Possible Health Issues

Genetic issues unknown at this time.

What is the Sicilian Hound used for?

While it was once used to hunt rabbit, the Sicilian Hound is mainly a companion dog. They also make very good watchdogs.

Name = Sicilian Hound, Cirneco

Origin = Italy

Group = Sighthound

Height = males 16-20 in., females 16-18 in.

Weight = males 26-30 lbs., females 18-26 lbs.

Life Span = 12-14 yrs.

Trainability = low/moderate

Good with children = not with strange children

Good with other pets = high prey drive, not advisable

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