Braque Francais

What is the origin of the Braque Francais?

The Braque Francais or French Pointing Dog is a very old breed and has been known since the 15th century. Nineteenth century researchers discovered that there are 2 varieties of the breed – the Gascogne type which is the larger and the Pyrenees type.

What does the Braque Francais look like?

Both types of the breed are medium to large size. Height for Gascognes is 23-27 inches for males, 22-27 inches for females. Height for the Pyrenees type is 19-23 inches for males, 19-22 inches for females. The Pyrenees weigh about 35-55 lbs. and the Gascognes weight about 45-80 lbs. The ears hang next to the head. Tail is medium long to naturally short. Some tails are docked where this practice is still legal. Eyes are chestnut brown or dark yellow. The nose is brown in color and broad. The muzzle of the Pyrenees is narrower than that of the Gascogne which appears more square with pendulous lips. The Pyrenees coat is fine and short while the Gascogne’s coat is thick. Colors for both types is chestnut brown, either solid or mixed with white, with or without ticking and roaning and tan markings. Grooming includes weekly brushing and regularly checking ears.

What is the temperament of the Braque Francais?

The Braque Francais is a gentle, submissive dog and harsh training methods should never be used. This dog is easy to train and very eager to please. The breed is friendly and sociable and usually gets on well with other dogs. Due to its high prey drive, the breed is not recommended for homes with small pets. It is good with children although may play too rough for toddlers. This is a high energy breed and requires at least an hour of vigorous exercise daily to avoid behavior problems such as being destructive from developing. A large, secure yard is helpful for the breed to run off the extra energy.

What is the Braque Francais used for?

The Braque Francais is a versatile hunting dog, a gun dog, pointer, that can trail, flush out game, retrieve, on all types of terrain. The Pyrenees is a bit faster than the Gascogne. Both types of Braque Francais are affectionate, loving, loyal family companions.

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