Should You Breed Your Pet


There are a number of things to think about when considering breeding your pet.

  • What are your reasons for wanting to breed your cat or dog?
  • Is it the myth that they should be bred at least once?
  • Is it because you think kittens and puppies are so adorable, forgetting they grow into adults?
  • Or do you want your children to experience the birth process?

None of the above are valid reasons for breeding your pet.

If your pet is purebred and you want to add to the breed the best way to begin is by talking to an experienced breeder. If you purchased your pet from a breeder, are you allowed to breed him/her? Many breeders will ask you to sign a paper at the time of purchase as to whether you may or may not use your pet for breeding.

Not all purebreds have the qualities necessary for the line to be continued. Some may have genetic defects that you don’t want to pass down to the next generation. Others may not fit the standard for the breed.

Can you give momma cat or dog the proper prenatal care? Before breeding, your pet should have a complete physical examination including blood work and any other tests your veterinarian advises. Before birthing time arrives you should be prepared with the proper equipment – a special area set up for the birth, surgical gloves, towels, syringes to remove mucous from mouths and noses of the babies, thread to tie umbilicals, antiseptic, scissors, your vet’s emergency number close by. Most of the time, dogs and cats give birth without help, but are you ready to administer to your pet if necessary?

Finances enter into the picture as well. Kittens and puppies need to be vaccinated and dewormed. Some need to be fed mother’s milk replacer several times daily. Are you able to financially handle any medical emergencies? Kittens and puppies should not be adopted out until they are 8-10 weeks of age. Do you have the time to give them the necessary care? If your pets are registered, they will have to be microchipped. And the big question, what will you do if you can’t find homes for them? Being purebred doesn’t guarantee a home.

If you expect to make a profit from sales, consider the cost of care of mom and babies you will incur before homing them.

There are so many homeless pets, mutt-i-grees and purebreds who wind up in shelters and are euthanized or are abandoned to the streets. Please think hard before considering breeding your pet.

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