Should Birds Have Heated Perches

Bird Perch

There is some controversy about using heated perches for birds. There is a strong electromagnetic field generated from heated perches.

What is an electromagnetic field (EMF)? Simply put, the voltage produces the electrical field while the magnetic field is produced by the current’s flow. Together they make up the electromagnetic field.

The electrical field does not pose much of a problem as it has difficulty penetrating objects and loses strength when it does. But the magnetic field does penetrate most objects and this includes us and our birds.

There are conflicting reports regarding the dangers of EMF. Proximity to the field and reactions affects each individual differently. There are claims that the EMFs can alter DNA and are biological hazards.

Many people do use heated perches and say their low voltage (12 volts) does not pose a danger of electrocution or other problems. However birds like to chew on many things and a perch is no exception. Strong beaks can chew down to the wires.

While we don’t know for sure if they present a danger to your bird, are they really necessary?

Your bird lives in the same indoor environment as you do. If you are comfortable and your bird is not exposed to any drafts, the temperature is the same throughout the house, perhaps you can avoid using heated perches until the jury’s verdict is in.

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