Dangerous Bird Toys

Bird Toys

There are so many wonderful, colorful, fun-looking toys to choose for our birds. But you need to be aware of any dangers some toys can pose and choose wisely.

Check toys carefully before purchasing them to make sure your bird won’t tangle him/herself in them causing choking or catching feet or body in them.

Wear and tear on older toys already in the cage can present hazards as well. Frayed rope toys should be trimmed regularly or discarded when the dangers of tangling or choking become obvious. Ditto for any toys with wire.

You may be able to recycle parts of toys that are no longer safe and create your own design for your bird.

Cages can cause injuries too. When purchasing a cage, make sure it’s the appropriate size for your particular bird. Check that bars are spaced correctly so that your bird won’t get stuck between them. Be aware that some cages made in China have been found to have a toxic powder coating. Make sure all parts are bird-proof, especially those that open and close. Birds have been known to work their way out of cages that are not secure.

It’s lots of fun providing toys for your bird and making the cage look attractive to you as well as your bird. Most important though, please keep your bird’s safety in mind when making any purchases.

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