Pixie Bob
Vital Statistics:
Place of Origin: United States
Coat Type: short & woolly or medium long & silky
Color: browns, golds, russets, greys,
black with spots, stripes, rosettes, ticking
Temperament: intelligent, easily trained, sociable,
friendly, loving, good with other pets

Cat of the Month for July

The Pixie-Bob is a large, muscular cat who may owe some of its ancestry to the Bobcat is very friendly and easily trained.

Where does the Pixie-Bob come from?

Carol Ann Brewer, breeder of the Pixie-Bob claims it is a cross between a bobcat and barn cats wherever bobcats may be found on the North American continent. The kittens born in the spring are a result of this mating.

What does the Pixie-Bob look like?

The Pixie-Bob is about 50% larger than other domestic cats. The natural bob-tail is about 2-6 inches long. It is a large, muscular cat weighing about 12-26 lbs. Some of these cats have more than the usual 5 toes in front and 4 toes in back. Some also have lynx-like tufts on their ears. The double coat can be woolly and short or mid-length and silky. Eyes are almond shaped, changing from blue as kittens to green and finally gold. They reach full size and maturity at nearly 3 years old.

Does the Pixie-Bob make a good pet?

The Pixie-Bob is a highly intelligent cat, easily trained to obey commands and do tricks much like a dog. In spite of their wild appearance they are very sociable and friendly with everyone. They get along well with other pets. Most of all they love being close to their family.

Where can I adopt a Pixie-Bob?

You might try www.pixiebobrescueme.org/Massachusetts or NW Pixie-Bob Rescue – [email protected]

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