Pet Store Safety

Pet Store

Many of us have favorite pet stores and salespeople who go out of their way to meet all our needs.

Some of us may choose a pet store because it’s located conveniently, they carry a special product for you, the prices are good or just for the pleasant atmosphere. Some pet shops offer other services such as home delivery and grooming.

The pet shop you choose should be well-stocked and kept clean. If you take your pet shopping with you, make a point of observing other pets there. If you spot a pet scratching or with visible signs of illness, it may be time to shop elsewhere or leave your pet home.

Another consideration is if your pet shop sells pets. The puppies and kittens are probably brought from mills and have lived in deplorable conditions. These poor animals may have diseases which can be transmitted to your pet. Something to think about is that many purchases at a pet shop like this supports puppy and kitten mills where they are subject to all kinds of abuse.

Some shops show their appreciation to you, the customer, for being a regular shopper or owning more than one pet. They will give discounts, and some will meet a lower price for a product offered by another store. Some pet stores donate percentages of some purchases to help animal causes.

Don’t allow price alone to be your guide in choosing a pet shop – consider the safety of your pet.

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