News – Missouri’s Prop B

Puppy Mill

The HSUS, ASPCA and Best Friends Animal Sanctuary believe a compromise reached by 2 Missouri animal welfare groups and puppy mill associations does not adequately protect breeding dogs and their puppies.

The new language is vague and unclear, weakening the proposals in Prop B.

Prop B – breeding females rest at least every 3rd cycle.

New provision – breeding allowed every cycle.

Prop B – no wire flooring

New provision – allows encased wire flooring

Prop B – requires veterinary care for illness or injury

New provision – veterinary care only if breeder decides it’s serious

Prop B – no stacking of cages

New provision – stacking cages with barrier between them

Prop B – outdoor exercise area 2 times the size of dog’s indoor enclosure

New provision – outdoor run but no mandate on size

Prop B – limit of breeding dogs to no more than 50

New provision – dispenses with limits of number of breeding dogs

The HSUS states “The compromise falls far short of protecting breeding dogs from unnecessary suffering and it’s not worth of support.”


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