New Blood Test Detects Canine Cancer

Sick Dog

National Canine Cancer Foundation’s President and CEO, Gary Nice, has announced that a simple blood test is now available to detect cancer in dogs. The test, known as VDI-TKcanince+ (Veterinary Diagnostic Institute) can be administered by veterinarians throughout the U.S.

VDI Labs highlights some points of the test:

The test is used when cancer is suspected and to monitor treatment when the presence of cancer is confirmed.

The test measures an enzyme in the dog’s blood (thymidine kinase-TK) that is an indication of unusually rapid cell division.

Results of the test can fall in the normal range if cancer is in early stages.

VDI-TKcanine+ is most effective when used with other diagnostics available to veterinarians. In other words, the test may not be 100% accurate with either positive or negative results.

If you have any questions or suspicion of cancer in your dog, discuss the test with your veterinarian.

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