Natural Arthritis Pain Relief for JoJo

At FlexPet we regularly receive emails from customers who have seen great results from giving their pets. As the Chief Canine Officer for the company, it’s my duty to spread the word so I would like to share some of those stories on this blog as well. We received the following feedback from Kelsey S. of Minnesota and she said we could share her dog’s story with everyone.

“It is going really well … she has been playing and running around way more than she did last year. I have seen a good improvement!!!”

JoJo’s Story:

When JoJo was one she was outside playing with one of her friends and while they were play biting at each other’s necks the other dog ended up getting his lower jaw wrapped up in JoJo’s chain choker. Both of them starting resisting to try to get away from each other, which only made the situation worse. JoJo started to get extremely nervous because when the other dog resisted the choker was strangling her and in one of her attempts to get away she pushed too hard on one of her back legs and ended up partially tearing a ligament in her knee. She was sore for about a month, but the pain seemed to go away till she started to become older. When she turned three I started her on the vitamin Glucosamine to try to help keep her joint cartilage. Then one day when I was looking at a No Kill Animal Shelter website and I saw that they started using Flexpet on some of the older animals and they starting seeing improvement in the way that the older dogs would play and run.

By the time JoJo was on Flexpet for about four months I had seen a huge improvement in the way that she runs, plays and retains her very puppy-like energy. JoJo used to favor one leg all the time and on her really bad days she wouldn’t put any weight on her bad knee. Since she has been taking Flexpet her bad days have become less and less and her puppy days have returned!!

Thank you for improving the life of my pet,


Thank you Kelsey for sharing JoJo’s success story with us. If your dog suffers from joint pain, arthritis or hip dysplasia, check out the all natural solution of FlexPet with CM8.

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