Bedbug Sniffing Dogs


Bedbugs have become an increasing problem in cities across the U.S. It may be close to reaching epidemic proportions.

Experts believe New York City to be the place where bedbug infestation began. And they can be found anyplace – hotels, motels, private homes, apartment houses.

Bedbugs are little creatures that live by sucking the blood of a host. While these little suckers don’t carry disease, their bites cause itching.

Bedbug eggs are clear and the size of a pencil point; babies are semi-transparent and the size of a poppy seed. Adults are brown to reddish-brown and as large as an appleseed,1/4 to 5/8 inches long. They are oval-shaped and appear flat.

Dogs with their incredible noses and ability to sniff out almost anything are being used to find bedbug infestations. Beagles and other breeds are trained to search out the bedbugs which don’t seem to attack the dogs. They prefer human blood, but birds, bats and rodents can serve as alternate hosts for bedbugs.

The J & K Canine Academy in High Springs, Florida trains rescue dogs in scent detection. These dogs can sniff out termites, bedbugs, bombs, types of cancer and canker which is found in citrus crops.

If you suspect an infestation of bedbugs, check online for exterminators. Those using scent-detection dogs are kept quite busy.

Note: Bedbugs can affect our pets as well. If they can’t find a human, they will attack any warm-blooded creature. It’s a good idea to check your pet regularly for parasites.

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