Monster Feels Better After FlexPet

The FlexPet team is happy to report another success story from our friend, Monster, a 10-year-old Pomeranian. Popular veterinarian, Patrick Mahaney, says Monster is feeling much better after taking the FlexPet supplement. Now Monster is running around after cats, playing with squeaky toys and running everywhere like crazy.

We’re pleased to help another furry little friend feel better after some aches and pains that come through age. Joint discomfort and arthritis happens to many dogs, especially those with a few years under their belt. Even in dogs and pets, arthritis happens through the natural aging process when cartilage breaks down in between the joints. FlexPet with CM8(TM) helps rebuild the lost cartilage so dogs and pets are able to feel better and have more mobility in their joints – all so they can run around and jump just like a little pup!

Thanks for the great news, Monster and Patrick! Glad we could help.

The FlexPet Team

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