Living with Dogs in Urban Areas

We love sharing our lives with dogs no matter where we live – bustling big cities or the peace and quiet of the country and anything inbetween.

No matter where you live, there are challenges to be met. But living in densely populated cities has its own needs.

There are so many distractions when walking your dog on busy city streets. There’s traffic to contend with, loud noises, active children, crowds of people, motorcycles, bicycles, skaters, other dogs walking their people and more.

Training your dog in the basic commands of sit, stay, heel, leave it, is essential to his/her safety and yours. Your dog needs to learn to obey these commands without hesitation so that if an emergency or other situations arise, you have complete control. If you are not sure about how to train your dog in these circumstances, seek the help of a professional trainer.

Be aware of the laws concerning dog ownership in your particular area. Most places require your dog to be walked on a leash. Some cities require leashes to be a certain length. Cleaning up after your dog is the law in most urban areas.

Be considerate of pedestrians. Keep your dog at heel position when walking through crowded areas.

Don’t allow your dog to relieve itself near buildings or where prohibited in grassy areas. Take your dog to the curb and the scooper to clean up and then dispose of the waste in an appropriate manner.

With so many people live in close quarters like apartment buildings, be considerate of your neighbors. Not everyone likes or is comfortable around dogs. Train your dog to keep barking at a minimum. Have your pet sit/stay in elevators. Teach your dog not to jump up on people. When walking in enclosed spaces such as building lobbies, keep your dog close to you.

Showing consideration to others with dogs who are taught to behave well many encourage more business owners and others to welcome them more readily.

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