Training Pups to Use a Litterbox


When the weather is pleasant, breathing in the fresh air enjoyable, walking the dog is great exercise for both human and dog. But those of us who share our lives with dogs know what it’s like to have to brave the elements when the weather turns nasty. It’s times like these, when we envy our friends who have cats, we think about litterbox training.

There are a number of advantages to teaching your dog to use a litterbox. Chronic illness, frequent urination, problems walking, you are away from home for long periods of time, make using a litterbox a very tempting idea.

The best time to train your dog is when s/he is a puppy before going out to eliminate becomes ingrained. But some older dogs may be trained too, with time and patience. And of course, training is much easier with a chihuahua than a Great Dane.

There are potty pads available as well as trays. Try to use a surface similar to the one your dog uses outdoors. Encourage your dog to use the litterbox at the times s/he normally goes out to potty by putting the dog on the pad or tray. If at first your dog just sniffs around and isn’t sure what to do, speak kindly and use the word you do for potty when outdoors. When your dog uses the facility appropriately, have treats ready and plenty of praise.

Try not to be discouraged, teaching your dog something new can take time. And never, ever punish your dog for accidents. If your dog prefers the great outdoors regardless of the weather, well, so be it.

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