Keeping Your Furry Friend Safe while out on the Road

A few safety tips so your pooch is comfortable during traveling:[1]

Never leave your dog in the car unattended: Even if you think it’s cool enough outside and you leave the car windows cracked open, temperatures in a car can quickly escalate and kill your dog. Even a car parked in direct sun on a cool day, with the windows cracked a few inches, can heat to more than 120 degrees F in less than 10 minutes

Never allow your dog to stick his head out of the window: Although dog’s love to have the wind in their face, this can lead to ear or eye injuries, and even vision loss from road debris or insects.

Secure your dog: If loose, he could also be hurled against the windshield or escape through a shattered window in the event of an accident. A dog should never be allowed to ride in the back of an open pickup truck. In case of an accident, the dog would be thrown from the vehicle. There are harnesses that attach to seat belts and crates to secure your dog. Even just a grate between the front seat and the back is better than nothing at all.

Keep your dog hydrated: Never skimp on dog food or water to avoid pit stops. Although you should cut back a little for your dog’s comfort while traveling, be sure your dog has enough to drink and eat. And again, remember to plan plenty of pit stops for your dog.

Use a dog leash: Although your dog may walk freely with you all the time, this is not the right thing to do during a trip. All it takes is something to spark an interest in your dog to lure your pooch into danger. Also, it is much harder to find a dog in a strange place.

Dog tag: During your trip, your pet should always wear a dog collar with rabies and identification tags. Keep an extra ID tag on your dog’s collar with a friend’s name and address since you will not be at home to receive any calls if your dog is lost. Of course, the most permanent form of identification is a tattoo on the inside of your dog’s rear leg.

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