Interesting Facts About a Cat’s Brain

Smart Cat

This should be of interest to all cat lovers.

Did you know, taking into account a cat’s body size, the cat’s brain is smaller than a human’s or dog’s brain. The physical structure of a cat’s brain is similar to a human’s.

Although smaller, the cerebral cortex area of the cat’s brain is more complex than a dog’s. The cerebral cortex controls thinking and rational decision-making and complex problem solving.

Experiments have shown cats to have better short-term memories than dogs. The cerebral cortex is also the area of the brain that stores long-term memory. Since a cat’s cerebral cortex is more complex than a dog’s, could their long-term memory be better?

Cats can learn by observing the actions of others including those of humans. Kittens watch their mothers and learn cat behaviors. In scientific observations, the intelligence of domestic cats is believed to be dependent on the richness of their environment.

Some older cats can develop Feline Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome which is similar to Alzheimer’s Disease and having similar symptoms as in humans. If your cat prowls at night, is suddenly vocal, seems disoriented or anti-social, it’s time for a vet check.

Your cat is smarter than your iPad and stores thousands more data. The cat can process the data much, much faster than the iPad.

But cat lovers, don’t get too excited. Dogs are very smart too. Just think of all the jobs they are capable of handling and thinking through. Of course cats seem to do things to please themselves while dogs will do anything to please their human. But I love them both!

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