HSUS Update on Wolves


February 2013

“The Hidden Lives of Wolves,” a book by Jim and Jamie Dutcher, was released in February. As filmmakers and photographers, the Dutchers present incredible images of these remarkable creatures, the close relatives of our dogs.

The U.S. government has delisted wolves giving trophy hunters and trappers the right to trap and kill hundreds of wolves in states in the Northern Rockies and Great Lakes areas.

The HSUS has been fighting back to stop the slaughter and protect the wolves. They have filed legal actions in Wyoming and the Great Lakes areas. Their partners, the American Indian Tribes, hunters, environmentalists and local humane organizations in Michigan have joined the HSUS in launching a ballot measure against this destruction. The HSUS is placing its support on a Minnesota bill to impose a 5 year moratorium on sport hunting of wolves. The Minnesota law allows for the taking of an individual wolf that is a threat to livestock or humans.

Minnesotans can show their support by contacting and writing to their legislators. Michiganders should gather signatures to support the bill.

Besides all that we can learn from wolves, their beauty and more, they are so important to our ecology system, keeping prey animal populations in check.

The HSUS will continue the fight to save these magnificent creatures from disappearing.

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