HSUS Reports on Seals


The HSUS reminds us that the European Union, the United States, Mexico and Croatia banned trade in seal products in 2011. The Russian Federation, Kazakhstan and Belarus have joined in and stopped trade in harp seal fur.

Seal skin prices have dropped dramatically in Canada. The number of participating hunters dropped from the thousands to a few hundreds.

Environment Canada predicts that no seal ice will remain in the seal harp nursery area for the scheduled spring hunt due to the habitat melting away.

The HSUS, in their struggles to end the barbaric practice of baby seal slaughter, has an action guide online for Canadians and all others joining the fight.

Restaurants and businesses throughout the U.S.,Canada and Europe have joined the protect the seals boycott. Using the HSUS Locator Map, you can find all those participating members.

Please support this international campaign to stop the cruelty of baby harp seal murder.

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