Horses Feeding Changes in Spring

Horse Eating in the Spring

Over winter your horse may have lost or gained weight. Now that spring is here, your horse will probably get more exercise and lose those extra pounds and build up muscle.

Pastures that have been dormant over the cold season are now turning green, providing your horse with high amounts of nutrients such as sugar and starch. Horses that are affected adversely by too much of these nutrients, such as those with Cushing’s Disease, should be closely monitored. Check your horse’s body condition and adjust feeding as needed.

Proper nutrition can affect your horse’s coat this time of year. Horses shed their winter hair in spring and grasses provide fatty acids such as omega 3 and 6 to maintain good coat condition. Deficiencies in protein and amino acids can slow shedding.

For horses at risk eating too much spring grass, either grazing time can be limited or a grazing muzzle can help reduce amounts ingested.

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