Havana Brown

Havana Brown
Vital Statistics:
Place of Origin: England
Coat Type: smooth, shiny
Color: brown
Temperament: gentle, sociable, affectionate

Where do Havana Browns come from?

Once known as the “Swiss Mountain Cat” the Havana Brown was developed in the 1950s by breeding black domestic cats having a brown recessive gene with Seal or Chocolate Point Siamese. The cat was probably named for its resemblance to the color of the Havana cigar. In England it was known as the Chestnut Brown Foreign, but now it is universally called the Havana Brown.

What do Havana Browns look like?

The Havana Brown’s body and neck are medium length and muscular. Eyes are oval and a beautiful green. Nose is rosy brown. The tail is medium long and tapering. Ears are wide set, large and round tipped, held slightly forward. Paw pads can be pink or rosy toned. Whiskers are brown.The coat is smooth and shiny with a mahogany brown color.

Do Havana Browns make good pets?

The Havana Brown has a wistful, gentle expression which speaks for it personality. Even its voice is gentle. It often uses its paws to tap people in its attempt to attract them. The Havana Brown is a very sociable, affectionate, loving cat and makes an outstanding pet.

Where can I adopt a Havana Brown?

Here is a short list of some rescue organizations.

Havana Brown Rescue – contact: Candice Massey, e-mail – [email protected]

Cat Purebred Rescue – e-mail – [email protected]/
Paws of Gold – e-mail – [email protected]

Possible Health Issues

Urinary Tract Infections, upper respiratory infections, hemophilia (inability to clot blood).

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