Halloween Pet Obesity Leads To Pet Arthritis

Dog Halloween

Each year millions of little children enjoy the thrilling adventures of three harmless little words that lead to delicious goodies that seem to only make Dentists richer. What are the words? “Trick or treat!” Unfortunately, pet experts believe Halloween can also prove to be a chopping ground for pets who get to partake in the ritual when children overjoyed with candy also wish to let their pets share in the delicious goodies. Ultimately what happens is that Halloween pet obesity leads to pet arthritis.

There are actually many reasons to be concerned for your pets during Halloween, above and beyond your children sneaking them treats after a long night of tricking and treating. There are plenty of safety reasons, too. Here are a list of precautions to take on Halloween when it comes to your pets’ health and well-being:

1) Don’t feed treats to your pets. Your pets are given special food because they are on special diets. They can’t handle the same foods that humans eat and at the same quantities in which we eat. This is even more highlighted when it comes to sugary sweets like Halloween candy. Halloween pet obesity leads to pet arthritis when your pet’s weight gets out of control. More weight on your pet’s frame can be dangerous and painful on their joints, which leads to pet joint pain and pet arthritis.

FlexPet is constantly fielding lots of calls during the holiday season because pets become sluggish and lethargic due to overeating and pet joint discomfort. Continuously monitor your pet’s weight because if they become slow and unable to run, jump or even walk, it could be a sign of pet joint degeneration. FlexPet is used to nourish joints back to good health so pets can run, walk and jump again.

2) Keep pets indoors. The constant disruption and ringing of the doorbell can cause anxiety in many pets. Keep them indoors and comfortable.

3) Keep pets away from strangers. Of course you trust your pet and believe she would never injure someone else. But you also want to make sure some stranger doesn’t do any harm to your pet, either. It is a night of ghosts and goblins, after all.

4) Dispose of all candy wrappers. Even if your pets refrain from devouring any of the sugary goodies, the wrappers may also cause major problems to their health, particularly if they get lodged in their windpipe or other internal organs. Halloween pet obesity leads to pet arthritis but a wrapper laying around can do just as much damage to your pet.

5) Avoid dressing up your pet even if there are some really adorable outfits on the market. It doesn’t matter how cute your pet looks. Most likely they aren’t loving it and can sometimes injure themselves if they get caught on a zipper or have fabric wrapped around their neck.

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