Pet Obesity Leads To Pet Joint Degeneration

Fat Cat

How much do you feed your pet from the table? Actually, let’s shelve that idea for a moment. A show of hands – how many of you will make a birthday cake and feed it to your dog? You can’t see the results, but trust us there are people out there with their hands up. Unfortunately, many of them fail to realize that pet obesity leads to pet joint degeneration.

But your dog is your lovable, little fur-baby, right? What’s wrong with a little snack here or there? There can’t possibly be any harm in that, right?

Making matters worse, the majority of dogs that have obesity and weight problems aren’t getting the proper exercise they need. It’s not just a diet/nutrition issue.

Wrong. In a big way. Ever heard of pet arthritis? That’s right, the same arthritis that afflicts nearly 46 million Americans and also tabbed as the leading cause of disability in the U.S. Pet obesity and poor diet/nutrition are leading reasons why pets acquire pet arthritis. It’s painful and downright unfair because, unlike humans, pets can’t obviously make their own choices for diet and nutrition. They rely on us for that. And pet arthritis leads to joint degeneration, which then becomes a downward spiral for your dog, who at this point is too fat to get in any decent exercise.

Over the years, FlexPet has worked with thousands of people who care deeply for their pets and look for natural remedies for pet joint degeneration and natural remedies for pet joint discomfort as a result of pet obesity problems. Lots of pet shelters are now getting on board with nurturing their pets back to good health before adoption.

On her blog, Fully Vetted, Dr. Patty Khuly had a recent post talking about the issue of Americans and obesity. She rightly pointed out that Americans should simply eat less animal protein, consume smaller portions, and avoid as much processed food as possible. It’s that simple. And once we get our own nutrition under wrap, we’ll have a better chance at getting our pets’ nutrition under control.

The problem for our pets is one in numbers. And while arthritis happens, affects people and is treated much the same way for pets, there’s one major difference. Humans are capable of knowing how to lead a healthy life. Pets don’t have this same capacity. If you give your dog a piece of cake, he’ll eat it. He doesn’t necessarily know any better. Humans do know better – the majority of us simply don’t have the will power to make the right choices.

Pet joint degeneration is a sad story, yet one that can have a happy ending. FlexPet is working hard to make that happy ending. The joint supplement formula helps build back the lost cartilage in joints, allowing pets to once again run and jump for optimal exercise. But it’s up to you to make sure your pet has the right diet so that they don’t become obese.

How do you feel about pet obesity and what ways do you work hard to keep your pet on a good diet?

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