Hairless Khala

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Vital Statistics:
Place of Origin: Latin America, Bolivia
Group: Companion
Height: 14-20 in.
Weight: 15-30 lbs.
Life span: 10-14 yrs.
Trainability: high
Good with children: yes
Good with other pets: yes

What is the origin of the Hairless Khala?

The Hairless Khala can be found from Mexico through Central and South America. There are several varieties whose names can differ even within the same country. Khala is the Bolivian Quechua Indian name which means “without clothing.” The Peruvian Indian version is caa allepo meaning “without vestment.” Indian names throughout Latin America translate similarly.

What does the Hairless Khala look like?

There are 2 types of Khala, the Hairless Khala Medio and the Hairless Khala Grande. The Medio is short-legged but sturdy and graceful. The Grande has the appearance of a sighthound, is long-legged and agile. Height is 14-20 inches. Weight is 15-30 lbs. Some Khalas have hair on their heads. Ears are long and either folded over or cropped to stand straight up. Color is not important, but when full-grown, most Khalas are dark grey.

What is the temperament of the Hairless Khala?

Khalas are very loving with the family. They are good with children. Khalas can get along with other household pets, even happily being part of the pack. They especially like each other’s company. However, they can be aloof and unfriendly towards strangers. They usually run away from confrontations since they don’t have hair and adult teeth are sparse. They tend to freeze when startled. As with all dogs, exercise in the form of walks is important.

What is the Hairless Khala used for?

The Khala is a companion dog that needs to be kept warm in winter. When out in the sun, the Khala should be covered with sunscreen and kept cool.

Possible Health Issues

Needs sun protection in summer and dog sweaters in winter.

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