Kerry Blue Terrier

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What is the origin of the Kerry Blue Terrier?

The Kerry Blue Terrier is originally from County Kerry in Ireland. It was developed in the 1700s by Irish shepherds mainly with crosses of the Irish Terrier and others. It appeared in the U.S. in the 1920s. Along with the shamrock, the Kerry Blue Terrier has become a symbol of Ireland.

What does the Kerry Blue Terrier look like?

The Kerry Blue is 17 1/2 – 20 inches tall and weighs 32-40 lbs. The head is long. Ears are small and v-shaped and drop forward. Eyes are small and dark. Feet are round and small. The docked tail is set high and carried erect. It sports a distinctive beard. The medium length coat is soft and wavy. Born black, adults color is any shade of blue-gray. Kerry Blues don’t shed. The coat should be combed twice a week and needs trimming every month.

What is the temperament of the Kerry Blue Terrier?

Kerry Blues are intelligent and learn quickly. They can be stubborn and need firm, positive training and socialization. Kerry Blues are good with children. They are wary of strangers. They can be aggressive towards other dogs and small animals. Kerries love to run and chase and explore. When outdoors on a walk, they should be leashed unless in a secure area.

What is the Kerry Blue Terrier used for?

In addition to being an all-around farm dog, the Kerry Blue can be a guard dog and has worked for the police. They compete in agility and obedience trials. Best of all, Kerry Blues are fun-loving [[Companion
Dogs|companion dogs]].

Possible Health Issues

A clotting factor deficiency, cataracts, ectropion, keratoconjunctivitis (skin of nose dries out and becomes callused), hip dysplasia, spiculosis (a congenital skin disease), otitis externa, hair follicle tumors, cerebellar abiotrophy.

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