Greenland Dog
Vital Statistics:
Place of Origin: Greenland
Group: Working dog
Height: males 22-27 in., females 20-24 in.
Weight: 66-70 lbs.
Life span: 13 yrs.
Trainability: low/moderate
Good with children: usually
Good with other pets: n/a

What is the origin of the Greenland?

The Greenland is an ancient breed owing its ancestry to the Arctic wolf. It was probably brought to Greenland by early Inuit settlers.

What does the Greenland look like?

The Greenland is a muscular, large-boned dog, males are 22-27 inches tall and up, females 20-24 inches tall. Weight is approximately 66-70 lbs. The nose is black that may change to flesh color in summer. Eyes are almond-shaped and dark. Small ears are triangular and erect. The thick tail is carried over the back. The coat is long and coarse with a heavy undercoat. Colors are all colors of dogs. Regular brushing will keep the coat in good condition.

What is the temperament of the Greenland?

Greenlands are lively dogs and require an experienced owner. They are used to living as part of a pack and are working dogs.

What is the Greenland used for?

Its hardiness and resistance to cold make the Greenland an ideal sled dog.

Possible Health Issues
No known health issues, can be sensitive to heat.

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