Grooming a Rabbit

Himalayan Rabbit

Rabbits are generally clean animals. They keep themselves well-groomed, but we should pitch in too.

Short-haired rabbits should be brushed at least once a week. Rabbits shed about every 3 months and during the shedding period, they benefit from more frequent brushings, even daily. This will help to prevent hairballs from forming.

Long-haired rabbits, such as Angoras, need to be brushed daily. If you like, you can trim the coat to a more manageable length which will help prevent hair from matting.

Use care when trimming so that accidents don’t occur. Or you can use a groomer familiar with rabbits.

When grooming your rabbit, the best tool is a bristle brush. A rabbit’s coat can also be combed using a fine-toothed comb. Rabbits have very sensitive skin and can easily be injured if harsh tools are used.

If you do find mats in your rabbit’s coat, gently separate the hairs and starting at the bottom of the mat working your way up, comb the hair being careful not to pull. Don’t use scissors! Leave that to a professional.

After brushing and/or combing, run a damp cloth over the coat to remove any loose hairs.

Rabbits don’t need baths. If you see a spot of dirt on the coat, gently wash the area with a wet cloth. If you must bathe your rabbit, keep in mind that rabbit fur dries very slowly. If it doesn’t stress your rabbit you can use a hair dryer on the lowest setting.

Each time you groom your rabbit, check the nails to see if they need trimming.

Starting grooming early in your rabbit’s life accustoms him/her to the routine and helps avoid undue stress.

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