Goats- A Weapon Against Weeds


In New York City, the Parks Department us using goats to clear an area in Staten Island of weeds. This particular weed, phragmite, is highly invasive and difficult to get rid of. After restoration which will take a couple of years, this huge area will become Freshkills Park, the largest to be developed in New York in 100 years.

Goats are known for their peculiar appetites – they will eat almost anything – and using them as “green lawnmovers” saves the city some money, helps the environment and feeds the goats.

Some skeptics say that goats only eat the leaves, not the stems, which won’t kill the weed. There are ongoing experiments with moth caterpillars and leaf beetles which have helped tame the weed problem elsewhere.

However the goats are a more interesting sight and definitely will keep the weeds in check.

There are plans to use the park for green practices. The goats can eventually contribute milk and cheese as well as being active weed-killers.

Perhaps we should all consider renting a goat to clear our weeds and help the environment too.

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