Flexcin International Announces New Shelter Program

The FlexPet Shelter Program, let’s shelters sell FlexPet and get a portion of the proceeds. You can sell FlexPet at your shelter, sell it online or both. We work with our shelters to set them up and help them with any materials they may need for selling and assist with technical support for setting up online sales. With online sales, Flexcin International will manage all of the backend systems needed for online sales, including the shopping cart, the checkout and the fulfillment of all orders. We can even help set you up with a custom web page for your shelter to sell from.

In 1996 Flexcin International began research and development in the area of arthritis/joint pain and the effectiveness of natural supplementation. The goal was to produce an all natural joint care supplement that was comprehensive (thereby effective), all natural, devoid of side effects and affordable. Once developed, Flexcin with CM8 worked so well that some of our customers had resorted to a variety of methods to administer Flexcin capsules to their ailing pets. We quickly took note and developed a new version of our joint care supplement as a chewable treat for pets. FlexPet with CM8 is both palatable as well as easy to administer. It contains the same active ingredients found in our human formula. Learn more about our comprehensive formula and how we insure efficacy and purity with Flexpet’s ingredients and quality control.

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