Celebrating Veterinary Technicians

Vet Tech

When you go to a veterinarian’s office, chances are the first person you meet is a veterinary technician. Their jobs are many and varied. Their work is invaluable, allowing the vet to concentrate on the patient while they assist.

Veterinary Technicians can actually work in other settings besides the veterinary office such as zoos, laboratories and hospitals. Depending on which state they practice in, vet techs have different titles although their jobs are the same. An RVT is a registered vet tech; an LVT is a licensed vet tech; and a CVT is a certified vet tech; all trained professionals. Many veterinary technicians learn on the job, gaining practical experience although they may not be licensed.

When arriving at the clinic, it’s the vet tech who usually takes your pet’s history. S/he will then assist the vet during the physical examination. Among the many other duties of a vet tech are assisting in dental procedures, drawing blood, preparing animals, instruments and equipment for surgery, assisting during surgery, administering anesthesia, administering medications, x-rays, laboratory work, monitor patients, maintain meds and other supplies, euthanasia, etc. – an extensive list.

When you next visit your veterinarian’s office, please remember to thank the veterinary technician for all s/he does to assist in keeping your pet healthy and happy.

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