Fielding Your Runaway Dog

Runaway Dog

Accidents happen and suddenly you find your dog has gotten loose and run off. You do all the things necessary to find him/her, but your dog is missing for several days or longer. Finally, your persistence pays off and you get a call that your dog has been sighted or you spot the dog yourself. But your dog is not responding to your advances, so what to do.

Be prepared ahead of time by carrying some of your dog’s favorite treats and your dog’s leash.

By this time your dog is confused, frightened and disoriented. The dog may be so agitated that s/he doesn’t appear to recognize you.

Try getting as close as you can without frightening the dog into running away again. Sit down on the ground and don’t look directly at the dog. Toss some treats being careful not to throw them directly at the dog. Gradually toss the treats closer to where you are sitting. Sit quietly and don’t make any sudden moves and don’t grab the dog as s/he comes close to you.

Speak very softly as the dog approaches, using the dog’s name. Continue tossing treats until the dog comes close enough to sniff you. At that point your dog will recognize you and gladly submit to having the leash put on and happily go home.

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