Exercise Alternatives to a Yard

Dog Park

Not all of us have a nice big back yard where a dog can run off that excess energy. But there are solutions for people with dogs who live in apartment buildings or have no back yard.

If your dog is well socialized and you have a dog park in your area, that’s a great place to run.

Do you have a friend with a yard? Ask if your dog can exercise there. Of course stay with your dog and clean up any mess afterwards.

If you enjoy hiking, find an area where dogs are allowed and take your dog along. Keep your dog on a leash for safety’s sake.

A good long walk of at least an hour gives your dog the opportunity to see and smell his/her world.

If you work or are in a situation where it’s difficult to take your dog out, consider hiring a dog walker. Doggie daycare 2 or 3 times a week is another option.

When inclement weather limits outdoor activities, exercise your dog indoors. You can use the time to train your dog. Roll a ball on the floor (safer to play fetch that way) and hone your dog’s retrieval skills. Play hide and seek or have a search for treats you’ve hidden around the house.

Even short sessions of indoor exercise stimulate a dog psychologically as well as physically. And of course the great outdoors offers limitless stimulation for your pal.

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