Dog Toy Safety

Besides food, dogs love playing with toys. There are toys available for every size dog and every type of chewer. They come in all shapes and colors and textures. Toys should satisfy your dog’s need to chase things, to interact with you, to puzzle out treats and just to cuddle with.

There are toys that advertise that they are indestructible. However if your dog is an aggressive chewer there is no toy made that he/she cannot destroy. And if your dog swallows the bits that break off, this creates much more serious problems. These bits can cause choking or blockage in the intestines requiring surgery.

This doesn’t mean your dog shouldn’t play with toys. Just consider when purchasing a toy for your dog, the type of chewer he/she is. An aggressive chewer needs a more durable toy.

Get to know the way your dog plays with toys so that you know which ones are appropriate. If possible, supervise your dog with the toys.

When family or friends want to purchase a toy for your dog, let them know what type is best for your chewer. Say NO to tennis balls even though they may be a favorite with a lot of people and dogs. The fuzz on these balls is very bad for the teeth.

Be especially careful when purchasing toys for puppies and small dogs. Small toys can be swallowed and cause choking or blockages. Puppies should never be left alone with a toy. Please supervise play.

Playtime is a very important part of your dog’s life. It can also be a time when you and your dog bond even more closely.

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