Excessive Panting in Senior Dogs

Have you noticed that your senior dog is panting more than usual lately? We know that as dogs age, they slow down. But this may not be the only reason your senior pants a lot more.

As dogs grow older, their lungs become more dense, a normal part of the aging process. When this happens, the lung tissue fills with less air affecting your dog’s ability to cool down. This can cause excessive panting in your senior.

Dogs do not have sweat glands and one of the ways they cool their bodies is through the respiratory system, breathing and panting.

Some senior dogs will be more active in cold weather rather than the heat of summer as they don’t pant as much.

Here are some tips to help reduce your senior pal’s excessive panting.

Walk and/or exercise your dog early morning and late afternoon or evening.

Don’t play games that are too rigorous such as frisbee, retrieving a ball and so on.

Keep exercise down to several minutes at a time with rest periods inbetween. Never exercise in the heat of day.

Wet your dog down before walks on really hot days.

A kibble diet can increase the acidity in the body. CO2 is released by panting which reduces acidity. Consider changing the diet by cutting back on kibble and adding home-cooked or raw protein. Or gradually change to complete home-cooked or raw meals.

Take your senior for regular checkups at the vet, especially of you notice any behavioral changes or signs of pain or discomfort.

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