Benefits of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil may work its magic in many ways which might benefit dogs. It’s all natural and since cost is low, it definitely benefits our wallets. Coconut oil is good for humans as well, having many uses.

Here are some of the ways that coconut oil may be beneficial to your dog.

As a coat conditioner, just place a few drops of coconut oil on your palms and massage into your pet’s coat.

Treat minor cuts, scrapes, sunburn, chapping by gently smoothing coconut oil on them.

One claim is that coconut oil can kill parasites such as giardia and fleas when rubbed into affected skin areas. Hot spots can be treated with the oil too.

Lauric acid in coconut oil has helped fight viral and bacterial infections but in petri dishes in a laboratory.

Lauric acid might improve metabolism , increasing energy and may keep your dog at proper weight.

Coconut oil is said to clear up yeast infections when applied to affected areas.

Dosing with coconut oil can reduce allergic reactions.

Dogs enjoy the taste of coconut oil which may help encourage good appetite.

While some of these claims may be true, they have yet to be proven.

The dose for dogs is one teaspoon per 10 lbs. of body weight daily. Whenever introducing something new to your dog’s diet, begin slowly, about 1/4 of the recommended dose. Gradually increase the amount over a period of a month.

Having listed all these positive reasons to give your pet coconut oil, experts are beginning to question its value and whether it really is this miracle food. Before adding anything new to your dog’s diet, research it well, read the pros and cons and discuss whether it is beneficial for your dog with a holistic vet. As a matter of fact, get more than one opinion and then make your decision.

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