Natural Arthritis Remedies Help Elizabeth Put Her Best Paw Forward

English Setter

Everyone loves a cute, active, adorable little puppy…which means they spend very little time in shelters. But that’s not quite the case with older dogs. A senior dog can spend an extended period of time calling a shelter home because they are often overlooked by adoptive families. But there are some big benefits to adopting a senior dog.

Meet Elizabeth, a 7 year old English Setter. Yes, she is an older gal and may be losing her hearing, which is why she was surrendered. She startles easily because she can’t hear you approaching her. So she would do best with a new mom or dad who moves slowly as well. She would fit very well into a senior’s home. She considers herself to be great company! She did, however, live with a 12 year old child and was very good, so it’s not out of the question for her to be a good fit in a family with older kids as well. She also has a touch of arthritis and some hip problems, but it’s all under control and she’s feeling much better these days since her friends at Animal Ark shelter started her on a FlexPet with CM8 regimen. The natural anti inflammatory components of FlexPet are working wonders on her joint and hip pain and have allowed her to move more freely without pain. Because of her age, she doesn’t play much or need much exercise, so she’s low maintenance in those areas. She is cautious around other dogs but has done well with cats. One of the biggest benefits to taking a dog like Elizabeth home is that she is housebroken, which makes life a lot better for her human friends! She hopes you will take a look at Her profile on the Animal Ark website or call her friends at (651) 772-8983 to discuss bringing her home.

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