Dr. Dressler and MCP for Cancer

Sick Dog

From Dr. Demian Dressler’s Dog Cancer News site.

Modified Citrus Pectin (MCP) is a pectin extracted from citrus fruit peels. Pectin is the thickening ingredient used in foods such as jams, jellies and pastries.

The FDA regards pectin as a safe substance with low risks of bad reactions.

When taken by mouth, little of the pectin is absorbed. Treated MCP enters the bloodstream more readily.

Experiments were conducted on mice with colon and breast cancer cells. They were fed MCP by mouth. Results showed tumor growth and spread were slowed.

A Columbia University publication tells of anti-cancer action against breast carcinoma, melanoma, multiple myeloma and hemangiosarcoma. MCP appears to work on toxic metals like lead as well.

Dr. Dressler advises discussing any changes in your dog’s treatment including addition of MCP with your veterinarian or oncologist.

Dr. Dressler’s book, “The Dog Cancer Survival Guide” is well worth the investment. You can purchase it at his site and Amazon.com too.

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