Possible Link Between PBDEs and Thyroid Cancer

Cat at the Vet

Thyroid cancer in humans and hyperthyroidism in cats are on the rise. Hyperthyroidism in cats is usually caused by a benign tumor.

The link between the diseases appears to be PBDEs (poloybrominated diphenyl ethers) used as flame retardants in many types of consumer products such as furniture, pajamas, other clothing and so on.

Samples of dust tanken from the homes of cats with hyperthyroidism were found to have PBDEs present in higher amounts then found in homes where cats had normal thyroids. Although the research isn’t conclusive, the possibility exists of a link to PBDEs.

Our pets are often affected by the environment before we share their symptoms. Our pets seem to be the “first responders” in many diseases and illnesses affecting humans.

We share our lifestyles as well as our environment with our pets so there are a number of factors that can enter into the equation. Perhaps we should take a look at both.

We would hope that manufacturers test products more thoroughly before releasing them to the public.

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