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Pain Relief with Mamba Venom

In Paris, France, scientists have experimented with the venom of the Black Mamba to relieve pain. The Black Mamba is a lethal African snake, a member of the adder family. Its venom is extremely fast-acting, attacking the nervous system and causing respiratory paralysis. It is vital for a bite to be treated as soon as […]

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How snakes shed their skin

Like many of their furry counterparts and even humans, snakes also shed. However, unlike many other animals, they shed their skin all at once. This process is called ecsdysis and normally happens around once a month, though it can vary depending on such factors as age, humidity and health. Younger snakes might shed more often […]

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Reptile Health

Once you have adopted a healthy reptile, it is your responsibility to keep him healthy. All reptiles need: Enclosure of the proper size and orientation Sufficient humidity Water Suitable and safe substrate Furnishings Proper heating and thermal gradients Proper lighting Healthy food appropriate for the species Proper cleaning and disinfecting of enclosure, substrate, and furnishings […]

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Alabama Bans Turtle Hunting

On April 8, 2012, the state of Alabama put into effect, a law banning the hunting of wild turtles and their eggs. The law does not affect farmed turtles. All turtle hunting permits have been canceled. Georgia, Florida, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Texas have already passed laws limiting turtle hunting. Alabama has 25 different species […]

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Reptile Diseases

A pet reptile may vomit, appear listless, change skin color or lose its appetite. If your pet reptile shows signs of illness, visit your veterinarian immediately. These are some of the common ailments which reptiles may suffer from: Egg Binding – Egg-binding occurs when a female cannot pass the mature eggs formed in her reproductive […]

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Report from American Tortoise Rescue

American Tortoise Rescue is a California based, non-profit organization protecting all species of tortoise and turtle. May 23, 2019 was the 10th annual World Turtle Day sponsored by the rescue group. Susan Tellen and Marshall Thompson founded ATR 20 years ago and advocate humane treatment of all animals including reptiles. Experts predict that within the […]

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Plants Toxic to Reptiles

Here is a list of some of the more common plants toxic to reptiles. Most include all species of a particular plant. If you know of any other plants that may be toxic, please add them to the list. Amaryllis Apricot – (pits, leaves and bark) Apple – (seeds, leaves, bark) Avocado – (pit, leaves, […]

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Reptile Lighting

Two of the major causes of death for pet reptiles are Metabolic Bone Illness and stress. Both can be caused by insufficient lighting in the reptile’s habitat. Diurnal species (active during the day) require a UVB bulb. Species such as tortoises and Bearded Dragons need UVB to help them create vitamin D3 which is in […]

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What Do Reptiles Eat?

Most reptiles are active predators. Lizards hunt mainly insects. Snakes target prey such as rodents and birds. Some snakes subdue their victims with venom. Crocodiles prey on creatures as large as wildebeest. Turtles and terrapins eat mainly fish and invertebrates. Tortoises, which live on land, feed mostly on vegetables and hay. If a reptile is […]

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Reptile Aquariums

Reptile aquariums (or tanks) must be chosen carefully with the needs of your reptile in mind. The first thing to consider is the size of your reptile. Your pet needs enough space to rest, stretch and move easily. Take into account how big your pet will grow. You should have have three feet of floor […]