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Making Eye Contact with Animals

With humans, eye contact can mean different things depending on one’s culture. In the U.S. and most of Europe, eye contact signifies genuine interest in another person. It can also be flirtatious and a signal that the person making eye contact is confident and bold. In other cultures eye contact can be seen as a […]

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When Pets Sleep Deeply

Dogs and cats have sleep patterns very similar to humans. They experience dreams, rapid eye movements (REM) and other aspects of human sleep. The difference is they sleep a lot more hours than we do. Dogs sleep about 14 hours a day. Large dogs such as Saint Bernards and Mastiffs are often referred to as […]

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Are You a Good Pet Neighbor?

As pet lovers, we know the joy of sharing our lives with these wonderful creatures. Most people enjoy the company of pets as long as they are well-behaved. You can ensure that your pets are good neighbors by following a few simple suggestions. A dog’s constant barking can grate on one’s nerves. Train your dog […]

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Does Music Really Calm Pets?

There’s an old saying, “music hath charms to soothe the savage beast.” These words do not necessarily refer to 4-legged beasts only. But is it true? We know that a person’s mood can change listening to different types of music. We also know that when a person “whistles a happy tune,” it can relieve stress. […]

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Rehabilitating Abused Pets

My very first pet, a cat we named Susie, was being abused by boys who were rolling him back and forth in a garbage can. My mother reprimanded the boys and took Susie home. We later discovered Susie was a boy, but the name stuck and he enjoyed a long loving life with us. Abuse […]

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House Soiling

A new puppy or kitten may have accidents before they are fully house-trained. Sometimes unspayed females will urinate in inappropriate places. Intact males often mark their territory and inside the home is no exception. Pets who have never lived indoors don’t know the rules until they are trained. A percentage of older spayed female dogs […]

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Cat Behavior

Have you ever wondered why your cat behaves a certain way? In recent decades, scientific research has shed light on many aspects of cat behavior. This information can be used to improve our relationships with our cats as well as to improve their quality of life. Although some behaviors are common to all cats, each […]