Pet Behavior

Is Your Pet Sometimes a Pest?

Just as children need structure, so do our pets. It’s up to us as their guardians to set the rules and determine the boundaries we want to live with. Some cats and dogs appear to be more needy than others, constantly vying for our attention and affection. If we constantly give in to a pet’s […]

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How to Prepare Your Pet for a New Baby

The arrival of a new baby is a time for joy in the household and many changes as well. It’s important for your pet to learn to adjust and accept the baby as a family member. Sounds, smells, new noises are new experiences for your pet. Here are some tips to make the transition easier […]

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Nocturnal Pets

Nocturnal pets are animals which sleep during the day and are active at night. The reason some animals are awake during the day and others are awake at night is so that different animals can hunt the same field or meadow for the same prey without conflict. Nocturnal animals are likely to hunt diurnal (awake […]

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Fear of Vet Visits

Our pets don’t understand that veterinarians help keep them healthy and will help them feel better if they are ill. As territorial creatures, cats are easily upset in unfamiliar surroundings. Both cats and dogs may not like the medicinal odor in a vet’s office. They can also sense if we or other pets and their […]

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Animal Heroism

What animals are capable of Having a pet means learning the meaning of unconditional love. In return for food and the comfort of a home, most pets will protect their loved ones even at the cost of their own lives. But some pets are invaluable in helping people. Dogs can be trained to assist people […]

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Choosing an Animal Behaviorist

Care in choosing an animal behaviorist for your pet can make the difference in successful treatment. Before you entrust your pet to anyone else, look for a person who has a degree in behavioral science and who has hands-on experience with animals. Sometimes, reading books or watching animal behavior programs on TV just don’t work. […]

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Does Your Pet Diss Your Family/Partner?

You have a pet and are married or getting there or moving in together or just spend a lot of time with each other at home. Your pet appears to be upset by the situation. What to do? The first thing to examine is your partner’s relationship with animals. Did s/he grow up with pets? […]

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Do Pets Mourn Lost Friends?

Although scientists say they do not know if pets grieve, many pet owners swear their pet has mourned the loss of a loved one. Pets can become extremely attached to each other. Even when it seems as if the animals don’t get along, when one dies the other may exhibit symptoms of stress. Pets may […]

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Cuddly Snuggly Pets

We humans are a touchy, feely species. That’s why we would like our pets to enjoy a cuddle and a snuggle with us. Some pets love physical contact with their humans while others prefer to have their own space. While there has been much speculation on the subject of pets cuddling, no one has come […]

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Teaching Toddlers About Pets

Your toddler is reaching the age of exploration and takes new interest in your pet. Children are never too young to learn how to treat pets, especially at this stage. The most important thing to remember is never leave you toddler unattended with your pet. You must be there to supervise playtime and any time. […]