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Equine Wolf Teeth

It is estimated that about 60-70% of horses develop what is known as wolf teeth anywhere from birth to 12 months old. They are usually found in the upper jaw near or in front of the first cheek tooth. Wolf teeth are vestigial pre-molars and look like pegs, varying in size. In some instances they […]

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Horse Trailer Emergency Preparedness

You’re on the road with your horse and trailer. A heavy truck passes you and the trailer begins to sway, there’s an unseen big bump in the road, a tire blows out, the trailer breaks down. These are some of the calamities that can cause your horse trailer to lose traction and wind up off […]

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Caring for Horses Hooves

Horses spend most of their lives standing on their feet and hooves which is why it is so important to keep them in the best shape possible. The ancestor of the horse, eohippus, had 4 toes. As horses evolved, they developed into one-toed animals, but evidence remains of the other toes. A horse’s hoof is […]

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Does Your Horse Have Stable Stress

We know what stress can do to us, physically and emotionally. Horses react the same way we do to stress. Chronic stress can take its toll on a horse’s mind and body affecting its ability to fight off disease and general health. Horses are flight animals. That is they run from trouble if possible and […]

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Alternative Fibers for Horses

This year, 2012, the weather has played havoc with food supplies. Drought conditions have sorely affected hay production, a horse’s main source of fiber in the diet. Drier than normal conditions have also limited the amount of forage available. Hay prices rise due to lower yields. Since horses must have a good amount of fiber […]

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Melanoma Vaccine for Horses in the Works

Approximately 80% of white or grey horses develop melanomas. Melanomas are skin cancers more common to certain breeds – Arabian, lippizzaner and Percheron – who have a high incidence of grey horses. They can be easily detected as they are usually black and found commonly around lips, eyes, ears, salivary glands, anus, penis and vulva. […]

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FDA Approves Life-Saving Drug for Horses

The FDA has approved the drug, Equidone Gel (domperidone) for the prevention of life-threatening fescue toxicosis. This disease can cause serious reproductive problems in horses. Fescue is a type of grass that covers over 35 million acres of pastureland in the U. S. There is a fungus (neolyphodium coenophialum) that lives on the grass and […]

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Why Horses Need Salt

Actually all animals including humans need salt and cannot live without it. In nature salt and minerals can be found together, but today we have to provide our horses with salt. This salt has been changed somewhat from it’s natural form. The salt blocks in a stall or paddock were originally invented for cattle with […]

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Layup Farms

A layup farm is a rehabilitation center for horses recovering from lameness or surgery. After a horse leaves a veterinary hospital, if he is not ready to go home yet, a layup farm can be a good solution. Horses are checked regularly and cared for well. At high-end layup farms, horses might also benefit from […]

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Finding a Vet for Your Horse

It’s important for you to find the right vet to take care of your horse. After all, your horse is a very dear friend and you want the best care for him/her. The vet you choose should share your love of horses. One of the best ways to find a suitable vet is to talk […]