Horse Trailer Emergency Preparedness

Horse Trailer

You’re on the road with your horse and trailer. A heavy truck passes you and the trailer begins to sway, there’s an unseen big bump in the road, a tire blows out, the trailer breaks down. These are some of the calamities that can cause your horse trailer to lose traction and wind up off the road, turned on its side or worse.

Unfortunately, accidents do happen and it’s best to be prepared for all eventualities when out on the road with your horse and trailer.

A complete first aid kit is essential. Discuss with your veterinarian which pain medications and sedatives are useful to include. Ask your vet for instructions on how to administer an injectible if it becomes necessary. Your vet can teach you techniques to stop bleeding and preparing splinting materials suitable for your horse. Always carry extra towels and several extra gallons of water as they can be handy not only for drinking, but for cleaning wounds.

Be prepared beforehand with emergency numbers on your cell phone – 911, veterinary emergency units, service station for towing.

If your horse is injured, contact your veterinarian immediately and describe as accurately as possible the injuries so that your vet can recommend emergency treatment until help arrives.

There may be a situation where you are injured and cannot attend to your horse. Prepare ahead of time by laminating a card that will attract attention and display it in a prominent place with the following information: your name and address, your horse’s name, all emergency phone numbers including your veterinarian’s number, emergency responders who understand horses, relative’s or friend’s number. If you board your horse, include that number as well.

Before going o any trip with your horse and trailer, make sure both trailer and towing vehicle are in top working order. Check tires, brakes, etc.

Prevention and preparedness are the keys to a safe trip.

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